11 August, 2011

Top 5 Reasons Why Zelda is the Best Heroin in Videogames

Even today, videogames are dominated by males and sexist games. Girls are often only pictured as part of the scenery or as crazy whores wandering underdressed around the World.

But fear not, because there's one lady out there to fight for all the feminist players!

Read on to see why Zelda is such lady.

5. She is a real princess.
Unlike, say, Peach, Zelda does such things as ruling the realm, making decisions and assuming responsibilities. Zelda is kidnapped because she is of real relevance to the World, while most other princesses are only because videogame enemies have the strangest fetishes.

4. She dresses like a queen
Badass or not, Zelda is a woman and she does not pretend not to be. While others so called heroins dress either like whores or like cyborgs, Zelda isn't afraid to fight evil keeping immaculate her sense of fashion. She is just a princess, alright, but one day, all Hyrule is going to be under her power.

3. She cares
During Zelda games, one thing you'll notice is that Zelda keeps in touch, she plans strategies, she gives you information. Zelda is never the kidnapped bitch screaming and waiting passively for you to come.
Besides, she's ready to sacrifice her comfort or even her safety if that's what it takes to help her people or even her World. Indeed, the hylians are often often unaware of the perils they face, for their princess takes care of such matters for them. A lot different from a certain other princess, who makes her mushroom people face all kinds of dangers in order to protect her!

2. Never send a man to do a woman's... oh, wait!
When one thinks about badass girls, specially on Nintendo consoles, the first name to pop into mind is usually somebody else's: Samus Aran.
As famous as she is, though, the bounty hunter is, deep inside, just a scared little girl. Many people have complained when Metroid: Other M unveiled this side of Samus, but it was already clear on the previous games of the franchise. In fact, the very need of Samus to prove her worth, making her act more like a man than like a true feminist (and the ending of the first Metroid for NES is the best proof of this) is an evidence that she doesn't feel as comfortable as Zelda to be herself.
Our princess, on the other hand, knows of her importance and is secure enough of it that she doesn't need to go out showing off. She is a princess and, as one, isn't afraid to delegate missions and, most importantly, give orders. Just because she says it in a gentle, princess-like way, doesn't mean she isn't ready to enforce it.Yes, Link, you better do as she says and do it quick.

1. She kicks asses
Yeah, yeah, right. She is a princess, she gives orders, blablabla. That is all very good, but what makes Zelda so awesome can be summed up in one sentence: she totally kicks ass.
Sometimes, she is one of the best fighters in Super Smash Bros. Sometimes she sacrifices herself to save Midna. Sometimes she dresses a disguise and goes out fighting evil. For crying out loud, in Wind Waker, she was a fucking pirate!
No matter how you look at it, Zelda is not your average videogame princess.

And that's why we love her!

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